Repairing your holed hose, or finding someone to replace the Chinese plasma hoses can be a challenge.


Only the fixing of a copper cable makes this awkward. The conductor is too heavy to reduce by hoping the hose will suck it up, so itís a cut and crimp job.


If your connector is damaged you will need to replace, re crimp the cable, then re crimp the hose.

Finding the connectors, and then getting them to sell you one can be fun.


Then the, making one. After trimming the hose or renewing it, I silver soldered a new conductor crimp section (tiny diameter copper tubing) onto the nipple of the new connector, drilling to allow air flow.

Once thatís done, a hydraulic crimp mob should have the ferrule and crimp it, for about $12.00.

The new connector is about $5.00.


If you do not want to do this, and you would rather pay the fee, send it to Brisbane Blacksmith Supplies.

For about $60-$80 plus bits, the hole repair is done.


This just a share thing for those that have had trouble with a Chinese style hand piece for a plasma cutter. Some shops wont touch the repair as it can work out expensive.