115 Blacksmithing Books - $9.99

115 Blacksmithing Books - $9.99

Postby Brooke Kilby » 12 Nov 2011, 07:00


Please take a look at our website at:
ww.dawn....approaches.......com/.....blacksmithing.html (Dead link removed, ADMIN)

We carry an excellent blacksmithing collection – 115 books on DVD-Rom for $9.99. Over 35,000 pages of blacksmithing resources and old out of print vintage blacksmithing books on 1 DVD-ROM. Out of print books on the old skills that are now basically lost that we have taken the time to gather and compile all in one place. We have cleaned up and procured the best copies of these old vintage books. It is a very good resource.

We also carry Military & Survival Manuals - Hundreds of Manuals on DVD-Rom,Beekeeping Manuals - 109 Books on DVD-Rom, Woodworking Manuals - 145
Book Collection on DVD-Rom and Rare Knowledge Collections on Dentistry, Glass Making, Horology, Blacksmithing. Gold Mining, Homesteading, Canning and
Preserving, Dressmaking, Beer and Wine Brewing, Locomotives, Crystal Radio, Herbal Remedies, Cooking, Taxidermy, Leathercraft, Millinery, Boy Scouts, Horse
Training, Pottery, Old World Survival Book Collections on DVD-Rom and much more.

Take a look if you're interested in these materials. We are a verified paypal business and ship worldwide within 48 hours. Thank you.
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