Get Hammered 2012. Who's going?

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Get Hammered 2012. Who's going?

Postby ratel10mm » 03 Jun 2012, 20:53

Date: 26-28th. October (inclusive)
Location: Moony's smithy, about 10 min's drive from Braidwood, NSW.

Moony is the Australian distributor for Anyang power hammers. He has a few set up as demonstrators, and his 7cwt Massey. All in one room. I have no idea how powerful his press is, but it looks like it'd squash Terminators easily! :D
There's plenty of forging stations, tons of advice & fun.

So, who's up for it? I'll grant you the flight's not cheap, but it's been worth it every year for me.
Alternatively, how about we car pool? I drove it on my own last year. It's 15 hours. Easily done in one hit with a few sharing the driving.
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Re: Get Hammered 2012. Who's going?

Postby mpd » 27 Oct 2012, 10:54

You said you'd pick me up
... Been waiting at the letter gonna pick me up soon??????
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