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Get Hammered 2012. Who's going?

Date: 26-28th. October (inclusive) Location: Moony's smithy, about 10 min's drive from Braidwood, NSW. Moony is the Australian distributor for Anyang power hammers. He has a few set up as demonstrators, and his 7cwt Massey. All in one room. I have no idea how powerful his press is, but it looks like...
by ratel10mm
03 Jun 2012, 20:53
Forum: Social Events/Notices Australia
Topic: Get Hammered 2012. Who's going?
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Re: Another new toy

Nice sore! :)
by ratel10mm
06 Jul 2011, 21:38
Forum: Machines & Machining
Topic: Another new toy
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Re: anvil wanted

As Slain said, any large block of steel will do. I know of one guy in the U.S. who uses an old rail car hitch - which gives him some interesting shapes to use. Traditionally blade smiths & saw smiths anvils were just a square or rectangular block of steel. They don't have much use for a London P...
by ratel10mm
14 Jun 2011, 11:11
Forum: For Sale/wanted Australia
Topic: anvil wanted
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Get Hammered 2011

Anyone up for Get Hammered this year? Last weekend in October, at Glenn Moon's forge just outside Braidwood in NSW. Places are limited. It's a great get-together, so much so that so far there's been at least one overseas visitor each year. (not certain this year. These guys are on holiday, not paid ...
by ratel10mm
03 May 2011, 21:08
Forum: Social Events/Notices Australia
Topic: Get Hammered 2011
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Re: just to get it going...posts in here, not new topic

Well, who wouldn't be? :)

Yes, count me in
by ratel10mm
19 Oct 2009, 17:24
Forum: Social Events/Notices Australia
Topic: Uri Hofi in OZ? april 2010
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