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  This site was created for the promotion of the Blacksmithing skill. A social & informative area, free from Assn. or membership constraints, for Aussie Blacksmith individuals and groups, be it professional, hobbyist or beginner, in or not in a club or Association, from Australia.

 ��� I say Aussie, though �All� from �Anywhere� are Welcome.



���� Some pages are unpopulated at the moment. As I get more time & requests this will change. I will as warranted, add pages in forums, and here and make site space available free, here, as subdomain with emails (also free), or page link, for groups, if they so wish. If you�ve a relevant, interesting pic or article, announcement, email it and we will post it. Or you can post it in the announcements on the forum. We are starting a news letter/email of whats on about the place (Aus.), so by all means send in your tid bits.


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 If you are wanting information, on blacksmithing and knives or projects and how to�s on blacksmithing, check out the links page. Iforgeiron, Laventrix and the other forums have an excellent resource base, or send an email or request in the forum with your location and we will see what the club can post or groups are around.


Some events�.out of date but give a rough idea of coming events


�annual ...Get Hammered�.at Moony�s 2011

. Braidwood NSW.
Bring your own suppies, ie;  camping bedding  and your favorite tong and hammer  a donation of   coke fuel steel , on Saturday, dinner is a Hungi.� (10 forging stations and of course, the monster machinery and asst hydraulics

Contact to confirm for numbers

9 to 11 July - Redlands Bluegrass Convention


10 & 11 July - Abbey Medieval Festival�


 The 20th Great Dragonweyr Hand cranked SMITE,� (12, 13, 14, June

the weekend at Stanthorpe.


Adrian & Esme Hobba

07 4683 3324



Toowoomba Blacksmiths & Farriers Magic Festival

Hosted by

Professional Farriers & Blacksmiths Association of Queensland� (afba link in groups)

Cabarlah Sports Grounds�� �� July 2010

Judges: Dave Adams����� Ian Appleton 


Thursday 21st April 2011 - Monday 25th April 2011

Emails;��� abaqld@blacksmiths-australia.com

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Emails;��� abaqld@blacksmiths-australia.com

Individual blacksmiths that wish to advertise items on the �for sale� page from any state, for free, can email ;� the item description, location, cost and a �in focus� picture or two, with your contact details.

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Block of Death, Tour 3,  September 17-24� 2011.

��� Hot Iron Wanta�� (4hrs west of Brisbane)

Bring your camp gear,

bring your forge,

coupla comps,

Bring ya guitar,

Help pull some trees,� ( subliminal programming! )

win an anvil and some tools,

( email �  abaqld@blacksmiths-australia.com )