bag of bits competition challenge....

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bag of bits competition challenge....

Postby mpd » 04 Mar 2010, 08:57

bag of bits competition challenge....
by double_edge2 » Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:26 am

and now for something probably not so different........

comp entry is $2.00 in the ABAQld club tin, and open.
invite someone else to join in.

borrow a piece of steel out of the bag from the club, and make something from it, and return it.

judging wil be club day May 22- 2010. at the club.

Judged, will be artistry/form, method, function maybe, and finnish. (Account will be taken into for experience or lack of.)
judges decision is final and no argument will be entered into.

only restriction is, all shaping has to be done by forge hammer and anvil.
Use as much or as little of the steel as required, scraps to be returned/presented with entry.

++winner will receive (a mystery gift..s)
+Runner up will receive a choice of either, a bag of coke or charcoal, or a 9kg gas refill.
2 winning pieces to be surrendered to the club (at club discretion), assembled or mounted as trophies for later use by the club.
**(artistic credit will remain that of the Smith or Smithette as regards to the item)
pictures of selected entrants works will be put up on the web comp page.(after the comp ends )


regards mike
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